Ambev . Stella Artois "Restaurants"
Film for Stella Artois - Restaurants Call to Action for COVID 19 support

Agency _
CP+B Brazil 

Motionhand _
Motion Direction, Full Animation, Compositing, Post-production and Visual Effects. 

Creatives _
Estevão Puggina ( )
Fábio Vido ( )
Piatã Esteves ( )
Illustration & Art _ Full Throttle Artwork Studio ( )
Ilustrasoul Studio ( )

Audio _
Shuffle Audio ( )

Executive Producer _
Tina Castro ( )

Motionhand Stella project Team _
Caique Moretto / Mykael Sobreira / Ullisses Soares / Rafael Leme

About _ 
During COVID-19 pandemic, lot's of restaurants had its doors shut. Many didn't make it through the crisis. Ambev's Stella Artois launched a series of Instagram films to help those restaurants sell discount tickets, where clients paid 50% off and the balance was complemented by Stella, helping theses food and beverage retailers to hold on during this period, until doors are open again.
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