No more bureaucracy! Bank tasks can't longer take up your precious time. Nubank brings a campaign that shows its facilities services, solving bureaucracies that make the simplest things of your day in something difficult a lot. We have produced animations to illustrate that idea and, exploring funny key-visuals to communicate these bank features to your customers.

Client: Nubanck
Campaign: Bureaucracy No Longer Works
Production Company: Black Madre
Creative Director: Andre Maciel
Executive Director: Tina Castro
Production Manager: Letícia Alves
Producer: Laryssa Andrade
Account: Tayna Boaventura
Illustrators: Igor Ras, Victor Goularte ,Rafael Duque, Icaro Yuji, Bob Souzza, Douglas Lopes, Léo Soares.
Animation: Motionhand

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